Saturday, August 6, 2011

Contest - Short Story Entry

One of the facebook pages I follow Young Adult Reads Discussion Group has a free contest going on right now. The rules are simple. Be a member, new story with Young Adult content, <7,500 words, posted by today.

The majority of my time for the past six months has been revising my first book. Each revision makes it better and I'm thrilled with the improvements, but I was getting bored. I thought participating in this contest would be fun. I needed to make writing fun again. It was and did.

I went for something out of the ordinary for me. I wrote from a boy's perspective instead of a girl's. It's still first person, but looking at the world as I imagined it would look through a boy's eyes was thrilling. I also tried using present tense instead of past tense, which I've never done before. That was fun too.

So, this short story I'm titling REFLECTIONS is now done. It hasn't been revised more than one quick read-through. No one else has read it - none of my normal beta readers at least. And I'm posting it on the site for all the member to read and critique. I don't know if you have to be a member to read the docs, but here's the link if you're interested!!/groups/YAReads/doc/?id=228995517143076


  1. I was addicted to this story! Loved the flow! Loved the POV! Really had a lot of feeling. Great job!

  2. @ L.J. - Thanks! I had fun writing it and I guess it shows! Glad you enjoyed it.